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Postby Artagne » Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:02 pm

I would like to be considered for an operations team. I am an experienced WoW raider and led a 25m Ulduar raid twice a week. I am currently available for doing ops any day of the week except Wednesday from 8pm Est. to 12pm Est. I am currently only level 39 however I anticipate hitting 50 sometime within the next two weeks and would be ready to go asap. Artagne is a Jedi Sage set for healing but I would be willing to switch to range dps if need be, that would simply require more time for me to get new gear. If I can ever not make an op that I previously accepted I will always try my best to let the guild know in advance. I would also eagerly help the team develop a strategy and game plan for anything TOR has in store for them.
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