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Postby Valenquissvrand » Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:38 pm

Heh heh, I must have missed this part of the forum :)

Done a couple ops with the guild before, seemed to work pretty well, and a few hm's too.

I'm a healin sage at the moment, and that seems to be working out well for me, I'm enjoying the ops so far, and want to finish KP, and get on to hm ops before too long, hm fp's I will still do to help out guildies/finish some of the stories for fun, but I'm all geared out in columni now (except for mainhand) so for new gear I guess its time for hm ops or leveling alts

As I've posted in the introductions thread, I'm pretty new to raiding and mmo's, but I think I'm learning pretty quick, seems like everythings working out so far :D

As far as casual/full time it doesn't really matter to me, I can make time to get on for a raid once per week pretty easy whenever someone needs me.
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