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Goals and Objectives

Postby AJH » Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:08 am

First and foremost, Fates Requiem is a mature, social guild. It is open to anyone looking for a drama free environment with other mature players. We believe that the purpose of the game is to have fun and to be able to play with other people and we try to do whatever we can to make the game an enjoyable experience.

We also believe that to get the most out of the game, guild members need to be able to accomplish their goals. As such, our operations(raid) teams are skill based and while not hardcore, a minimum level of skill is expected to participate, particularly for progression runs. If your skill is questionable but you desire to raid, we will make efforts to include you when the situation allows (for example through secondary teams running content earlier in progression when interest allows), but we will not risk compromising the integrity of a run if the operations leader does not believe the run can succeed by taking a less experienced player. We feel that this is the only fair way to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at achieving their goals.

As non-competitive operations progression is a goal of the guild, the primary progression team (or teams) will be expected to make a best effort to participate regularly or will risk losing their spot to another member. Understanding that this is a game and not a job however, occasional abscenses are acceptible and will be filled based on need from either properly equiped and skilled non-team members or via pugging if the operation leader does not believe any online member is able to participate in a successful run.

Ultimatly, the goal is for Fates Requiem to be a fun place for a variety of individuals to be able to enjoy all that the game has to offer. If you would like further information about the guild, please feel free to contact AJH or another officer in game or send me a PM on these forums.
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