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Meagan > Faruna

Postby Faruna » Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:19 pm

Hey, I'm Meagan as stated in the subject and I work as a Department Manager for Walmart. My major in college is Psychology. I like all kinds of music with the exception of things that really twang, if you catch my drift. I've played video games since pretty much before I can remember. I also collect swords and have a very large movie/tv series collection for being 24 and single. Oh, and I <3 Family Guy. :D

I play a Jedi Knight speccing as a Guardian in SW:tOR. I began playing TOR just before the All in weekend, and fell inlove with it entirely even if my computer couldn't really handle it at the time.

As far as history on MMOs goes I played WoW for a number of years as a Marksmanship Hunter and dabbled very momentarily with some of the other classes as time went on. I raided with several guilds during my WoW play time, and found one called Entourage that felt like home for quite a while, but sadly I went on hiatous for a bit and when I returned my guild had also pretty much called it quits. In the end I ended up continuning to raid, but pugging for the majority of it because no other guild I found really suited me after that with how WoW was going down hill. Before and after my time with Entourage I was an officer for some of the guilds I was in, and also led some of the PUG raids that I attended.

I also beta tested Rift and though the game had some unique ideas I decided during my beta test that the game wasn't for me. So sadly my MMO knowledge is pretty much limited to WoW, but I played console games until WoW.
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