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Postby Drognand » Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:43 pm

Hey all I sit here at level 44 typing this out. I am one of the first joining members in the guild joining up on the 18th in EGA. My first toon and main is Drognand. A Jedi Master, who is my incision of me being a Jedi. I am a huge SW fan in general. I have a ton of timeline info and yes the events of all six movies engrained in my skull. I like sci do as well. I am an aspiring musician playing bass in a band. I also am a 24 year old single dad. I have my daughter every Wednesday and every other weekend.

My MMO experience dates back to diablo 2. Then conquer 2.0 back in beta (yeah that MMO bean around the block a bit). I also did Runes of Magic beta and DC Universe beta. I do have an 85 in Wow that's all I'll say. My main experience is 8 years of Final Fantasy 11. I have tanked, dPs and magic DPS. Also Proced mobs flawlessly. Tanked some of he most advanced end game bosses in the game Pre level expansion. So when I become determined to beat end game I try to conquer it.

I love sociably open guilds and team settings where our skills and team work goth the test. I look forward to playing with yOu. All
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