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Postby Altredis » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:12 am

Hello everyone, I'm 21 years old and been a big fan of video gaming since I was a wee little lad ( in particular RPG's). I live out in Indiana and currently working as a dispatcher for truck drivers. I am also an avid fan of anime buying many shows from Yu Yu HAkusho to some of the Gundam shows.

OK... so as far as my MMORPG experience goes, I have played Guild Wars for 4 years and counting. With Guild Wars I have done many aspects of its PvP from the Guild v Guild combat to the Heroes Ascent, and all the high dungeons it had to offer. I have also played played Diablo 2 (Paladin FTW!!!), but by the time I started to get into it there was hardly anyone playing it.

Well right now im playing a sage, and its actually one of the best healing classes I have played. I dont know why but the healing in this game is actually more fun than a couple of other games I have played.

I guess thats pretty much it... if you wanna ask me anything just whisper me or something. I AM VERY FRIENDLY!!!! :D
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