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Postby Valenquissvrand » Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:54 pm

Hey everyone!

My main is a Jedi Sage, learning the ways of the heal spec as I go along through the level 50 stuff. I have created 1 of all the other classes, just haven't played most of them too far other then my vanguard (level 45), anyway I'm probably up for friendly alt leveling whenever someones looking for company. For my main I'm just looking to run some hm flashpoints, since I missed most of them on my way up leveling, and ops sound interesting too.

This being my first mmo I'm not always up on the lingo and stuff so you'll have to give me a bit of patience, I'm just sorta stumbling my way through the group aspects of the game. I'm an old school gamer though, been playing rpgs and the like since FF1 came out on the nes back in the day.

Not much else to say, I'm a 27 year old guy with a degree in software development but no job in it, heh heh, I also live on the west coast so my timezones likely off a bit from some of you, and I'm also Canadian :)

Anyway, happy to chat and see everyone around in game!
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