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Postby chester » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:17 am

I know you're wondering what really makes chester chester. Well, I like the way I've implied that you asked the question, and here's how I answer it. I make a good faith attempt to let most folks, as I meet them, know that I am a terrible person. Usually, that doesn't sink in. They think I'm making some sort of ironically funny play at tickling their funny bone. And it's only later that they realize that I wasn't kidding. You'll eventuatlly get there.

I started my grand mmo experience by playing ddo. That, by the way, is the best mmo on the market. but even the best mmo will eventually make you wish for nuclear war, and it was no different. though, druids might be a winner. hm. I tried a lot of other nonsense along the way. lotro was pretty fun. tabula rasa? no so much. age of conan had naked boobies! but they forgot to put any game in their game... and so that was that. I did wow twice. that game is probably the worst game in the history of gaming. I'm kind of alone in that it seems. I also liked a lot of fps, and I was way into the civ games. I think my fps love is why I really enjoy pvp in swtor... they've hit a balance that I think is about as good as it gets.

but gaming aside, I also like upsetting people about politics. I'll let you wander into that as you see fit.

oh, and I have a cat. who is in front of the monitor as I type. you might think this is the last time you'll hear about pumpkin. it is not.

I live on the west coast. portland oregon to be specific. my gaming times are many and varied, but mostly 7 - 10, which is 10-1 for my eastern friends.

anyway, thanks for having me, I look forward to grouping with you all.
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