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Postby Rexolin » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:51 am

Howdy howdy all. Thanks for the invitation to FR. I am yet another tranfer from Fellowship of the Bling.

I am a long time gamer with a few MMO titles under my belt. I began with UO back in 1997. I stayed with that for almost 10 years. It was a great game in its day and had some systems I wish other MMOs would use but they never do.

From there I went to DDO which I played somewhat hardcore for 4 years (and still play from time to time). During that time I took a short break to try out AoC. Not a bad game for leveling but the end-game left quite a bit to be desired.

I have been in Lotro for 2+ years and this is another game that I still jump into once in a while.

I also fit WoW in all of these as well but that was for the purpose of running with my nephews. That was the only high-point of that game imo.

That brings us to SW:TOR. I have always been a Star Wars fan since the first movie was released in '77. I own multiple copies of each movie in just about every form possible. To be a part of that universe in a way is a real thrill.

As for my running style, I am always go go go. There is always something to be doing in an MMO and I don't spend much time standing around. I don't dislike pugging in games, I detest it. I would much prefer short-manning something with people I know (and guildies I just haven't run with yet) than filling the party with someone who could end up being more trouble than they are worth.

Sepherella is my RL wife and you will notice we are usually running together whether it is just the two of us or with a group. I like to think we make a decent team but you all can be the judge of that.

Anyways, glad to be a part of FR and hope to get some fun guild runs going in the near future.
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