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Postby Sepherella » Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:22 am

Hello Fates!! Thank you for the invitation to join you.

First off please call me Seph....

I started my gaming adventure in UO, I was a very casual player until I joined a great guild, which helped me work into the game. I played DDO for several years, that is where I found my passion for being a healer. Every game I have played I end up finding that the healer class just fits my style. I also played WoW, which lasted a short time, then there was LOTRO, loved playing it, and still jump into it from time to time. So then that brings us to SW:TOR... I found my passion again with the Sage healer line. I love it, I feel like I am pretty good at it. I am one of those that loves doing the crafting, I have enjoyed it in all games, and can be content on just doing that from time to time. I am not your power gamer, but have learned from my husband (Rex) that sometimes you go, go, go....
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