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Darl- Darlgon(Pick a Class)

Postby Darlgon » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:29 pm

Hello, my name is Darl. I have been through a few of these and it amazes me how different each group is for a MMO.

First off, the basics. I am the gamer stereotype. Fourty-six year old divorced white male who moved back home and never left due to my fathers death. I do indeed have my main computer in my mothers basement and often play in my sweats. My mother is 80, refuses to use a computer and does not understand how I can be on the computer so much. She will ask if I know who I am talking to when on Teamspeak and warn me about everyone on-line being predators. She also expects me to pause the computer any time she wants to talk to me from the top of the stairs. I also worked as a Network admin for years, but now attempt to occasionally work for myself as a hardware PC tech for the last five years.

I never played computer games until about nine years ago. i started a free trail with Original Everquest, creating a druid, using the random name generator to pick a name. Darlgon came up... Hmm write down, see a few more.. Well, I could be "Darlgon Tooten, Ima Looten" at some time, so.. sure. I played out the trial, but could not buck up for the sub. A few months later, I had cash, but could not reclaim the account, so DarlgonTwo the human druid was created. I then created an elvish Enchanter as a crafting alt, or, as I thought then, someone to make jewelry for my druid.

I joined a guild after getting to a point where I could not progress further. About a month after joining, the guild leader was bragging about how one person was luring people into the PVP arena and then six of the guild officers were jumping him. Violated my fair play policy, so I quit. From a PUG, I joined another family style guild. It was a low-level raiding guild that at one time was pretty high on the server, but had had some leadership changes. I eventually worked up to an officer. I had alts for every tradeskill and class to experience them. We raided up until the GL started to want to be more hard-core. She alienated the crafters that were the core, then had to back off, which alienated the raiders, who left for harder-core raiding. The GL asked me to take over while she tried the harder-core also. Eventually, the guild fell apart. I ended up telling her that she basically put me in charge of disbanding the guild.

One of the members joined another guild, which casually raided on Tues and Sat nights. They took me in and eventually I became an officer and raid master looter. Anything that was not usable, my trader alt would sell and give the profits to the guild funds. We went through a lot of end-game content. I had both Druid and Enchanter as dual mains, which ever class was needed more. My Chanter would buff a raid, then charm a mob/add equip with a junk weapon, and send him against a raid boss as a 6 min pet. Soloing, I would charm a pet, give hm a full set of mage pet armor and have him tank for me, soloing entire endgame zones. With my druid I was debuffer and DPS/Heals. Eventually tho, Sony did a number of things that killed off the game overall. As people disappeared from game, raiding ended up dying out.

A few guild officers formed a kin in Lotro, where a number of us moved next. I created a Loremaster, kinda like a cross between a the druid and enchanter, or so I thought. Debuffing and DPS, with a pet, heavy on CC. Next was my warden, a non-standard tank with less mitigation and more heals. After three years, Turbine broke both my LM and my warden. About that time, Zap and Vandy were looking at SWTOR, so I ended up in Beta for a week, then in early release.

NOw, I have alts of every class, with every tradeskill covered, since I can now email my Empire Bounty Hunter alt. If you have an alt around the level of one of mine, ask if I have time to group with you, as I am enjoying all of them.

Anyways, this is probably too long, but I view posting as a way of sorting out a persons thoughts and feelings. So.. see you in game.
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