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AJ - AJH, Cangar

Postby AJH » Tue Dec 27, 2011 6:17 am

Well, aside from being the GM, I'm a long time video game player. I started the MMO scene with Planetside, an MMOFPS from SOE, back in 2002 or so. Prior to that I'd actually hated the idea of paying for a game monthly, but over a Christmas break I decided to try a free trial of Planetside and was immediatly hooked by the level of teamwork that was possible in an MMO. For a number of years I played PlanetSide extensivly and became one of the senior officers in a guild called Forgotten Soldiers that was fielding about 15 to 35 players per night in organized strategic combat. As part of my tenure with Forgotten Soldiers and PlanetSide, I also ended up working with an alliance of outfits (their term for guilds) that fielded around 150 players once or twice a week as one of 9 generals to command joint operations. On the community side, I was one of the developers behind the EmeraldNC.com website (now defunct) that sought to be a community forum for all members of our empire in the game (similar to Republic vs Imperial).

As things started to die down with PlanetSide, I picked up World of Warcraft after several of my friends had been begging me to try it for about a year. Less than a week after I bought it, all but one of them quit leaving me quite possibly the richest and I'm sorry to say, most uninformed level 20 hunter to play the game. After playing for about 4 months, I met my wife, who didn't play, and stopped playing to spend more time with her when we were dating. About a year later, a mutual friend introduced her to WoW and she got hooked so I began playing again with my prot warrior that became my main. Again looking for a strong community I ended up in a guild called Lords and Ladies of PIF where I ended up becoming one of two assistant guild leaders who both doubled as raid leaders for the casual guild. After several years with PIF, unfortunatly, our GMs deteriorating health ended up leading to her thinking that myself and the other GM were trying to take over and she ended up basically forcing us out of the guild, but the majority of the skilled raiders came with us and we merged with another guild (Fates Requiem) to form a fairly successful semi-hardcore, semi-casual raiding guild.

This guild is really kind of a spiritual decendant of what the other AGL and I had been hoping for when we merged with Fates Requiem. The one thing we really lost was the social feel. Yeah, raiding got a lot better, but the guild never really tried to expand beyond the bare number of members neccessary to fill the raid team leading to a very dead feeling any time that wasn't a raid night.

But enough about my guild history, a little bit more about me. I started playing SW:TOR during beta a few weeks before the all in beta weekend. My wife (Dylla in-game) plays with me and we level many of our toons in pairs. I work as a software developer, making software for an insurance agency. I graduated from RPI in 2006 with a dual major in Computer Science and Electronic Media, Arts and Communications, which is basically a fancy way of saying audio/visual production and graphics design. I've been involved with technology of all kinds since a very very young age. (I started using my first computer at the age of 3.) I've also been doing audio/visual production work as a hobby, ranging from daily to monthly for the last 14 years. I'm originally from and still live in New York's Capital Region. My wife and I have been married for a little over 3 and a half years and have two wonderful kitties.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this guild will take us, trying to foster a strong community, and progressing in the end game. Hopefully all without burning myself out.
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