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Postby Shyle » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:11 pm

I'm bored at work, and have 45 min till I can leave, so I'm going to talk about Tera and my experience in the Closed Beta for those who may be interested in another MMO on the side that's a bit different than the others out on the market.

Tera is a Korean based MMO, being changed/re-worked for a western audience, the thing that sets this game apart from every other major MMO out there is the combat system. It's real-time action based combat, meaning you can literally dodge attacks (or have to block them with the block key depending on the class).

I found it really fun, I generally play melee classes in all my MMO's so I rolled a Slayer (Giant sword, medium attack speed, uses dodge to avoid attacks) first and tried it out. The key thing about the combat is that you can set up combo's (kinda like a macro). The combo's trigger off a specific action, for instance; I can set up a combo to where after I successfully dodge an attack I can have it where a special ability will be available instantly and will hit harder. These combo's can be set up to where they are constantly linking together making for some interesting fight mechanics.

My second Character I made is a Beserker, a giant 2h axe, that swings much slower, but hits like a Mack Truck. This class blocks with the axe rather than dodging. The nice thing about this class (I'll end up rolling a beserker more than likely in retail) is that it's the type of class like the Jedi Sentinel/Marauder, where it takes a bit of skill and understanding of the class to excel. The class has a "charge-up" skill that you hold the button down to determine how much power/dmg it can do.

I also Played a ranged class, archer and sorcerer, both were fun, but overly easy at least in early levels.

I didn't get a chance to do any healing or grouping for the instances (lv. 20+) but I have watched vids on both subjects. Healing is a bit different than most mmo's, since you can't actually target anything, most healing is done by throwing a spell on the ground and the melee must run to the area that's glowing to gain healing.

Anyway, that's my quick write-up, it's a pretty fun game, although my only gripes so far is that unlike Swtor, there's no real story to it, and the style may not be to someone's liking (it's very korean in design). It's also the prettiest MMO I've ever seen too (and it runs really smoothly).
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