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Try to avoid drama - We realize that any time a large group of people gather together, problems are eventually going to arise. Obviously try to avoid issues with guild mates when possible, but if something comes up that is bothering you, please talk it over and if the problem remains unresolved, then please see an officer to help moderate the issue and keep the guild a fun place for everyone.

Don't be irritating - this should really go without saying for a mature guild, but obviously generally obnoxious behaviors will not be tollerated. Some examples include begging for runs, credits, etc, typing in all caps, constantly using guild chat as your Google replacement (not talking about occasional questions, but more the constant simple questions)... basically in general, acting immature. Nothing too suprising there. Special note on family members, younger members may be allowed if they are directly related to a guild member, but they will still be expected to abide by this rule. Failure to do so may force me to create a mute rank and I'd rather not waste a rank on that. ;)

Please use discression in guild chat - be aware that while we are a mature guild, some content may still be offensive to some. In the spirit of community, please be mindful of what you say. It should be noted that for purposes of guild chat, vulgar language in and of itself will not be considered offensive, though regular excessive vulgarity in guild chat for no real purpose may be questioned. Similarly, please be mindful of mentioning any illegal activities publicly as guild chat should really be considered a semi-public forum. It should go without saying that descrimination will not be permitted in guild chat in any situation. As a side note, while younger family members of a guildy are permitted, please be aware that the policies for what is ok in guild chat will not be adjusted to make it more suitable to a younger audience, but are only governed by what could be considered reasonably offensive to a mature audience.

I'm sure there will probably be more things to mention here as time goes on. The idea really isn't to be legalistic, but really should just come down to using good judgement and trying to keep it a fun community for all. If you have any concerns or want clarification on any of the rules, please talk to me or another officer in game or PM me on the forums.
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